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The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending


for service as set forth in the following


For exceptionally meritorious service in action against enemy Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces during the conduct of long-range reconnaissance missions in the I Corps Tactical Zone, Republic of South Vietnam, from 17 April to 17 June 1967 and from 15 July to 16 August 1967, Project Delta, attached to the III Marine Amphibious Force, was assigned the task of locating and interdicting an enemy route of infiltration by which the enemy was moving large quantities of men and munitions through the remote western regions of the I Corps Zone. Operating in an enemy-controlled, extremely rugged jungle area, encompassing a total of 7,000 square miles, Project Delta utilized highly-skilled, combined United States and Republic of South Vietnam Special Forces teams, together with assault helicopters and tactical air support, to effectively penetrate the objective area. the small Delta reconnaissance teams out maneuvered the enemy's aggressive counter-reconnaissance operations and located and recorded major enemy trail systems, food and supply caches, and base areas. Acting on this information, Delta's Tactical Air Control Party planned and controlled devastating air strikes against these lucrative targets with significant results. In addition, Project Delta conducted reconnaissance in force operations, resulting in 57 confirmed enemy killed, 13 enemy personnel captured, and large quantities of food and munitions destroyed. The aggressiveness, skillful planning, and heroic conduct displayed by the officers and men of Project Delta were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

All personnel attached to and serving with Project Delta during the period designated above, or any part thereof, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.

Claude F. Baird

Secretary of the Navy Acting

SPECIAL NOTE: Members of the 281st AHC that were in the unit during the timeframes mentioned are eligible to wear this award.

SPECIAL THANKS: To Francis Boisseau, WOLFPACK 39, 66-67 for providing the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT for this page.

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