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145th Aviation Platoon (Airlift)


The 145th Aviation Platoon (Airlift), "Mardi Gras" was formed from the original 45th Transportation Battalion, Aviation Section when the 45th was transformed into the 145th Aviation Battalion.  Its early work with Special Forces and Special Operations provided the foundation for the eventual attachment to 5th SFG (ABN) in Nha Trang.  In order to provide proper support the 145th was combined with the 6th Aviation Platoon (Airlift) to form the 2/171st which was tasked with the support of 5th SFG (ABN), Detachment B-52 Project Delta in early 1966.  Upon arrival of the 281st at Nha Trang, these assets were absorbed to fill out the 281st.  For a date by date chronology of these events see the 281st Chronological History 1962-1965, which opens in a new window.


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