ANNEX C (Army Aviation Support) 281st AHC to After-Action Report 4-69 (U)


a. Aviation support was provided by the 281st Assault Helicopter Company (-) to

Detachment B-52 (PROJECT DELTA), 5th SFGA, during the period 15 October 1969 to

09 November 1969. The operation was supported by 24 Officers and 60 Enlisted men.

There were (8) IH1H and (6) UH1C helicopters. The 1st Plt (Rat Pack) provided

transportation support and the 3rd Plt (Wolf Pack) provided gunship support. The

operation was further supported as follows:

(1) Total Flying Hours: 719.6

(2) Total Night Flying Hours: 91.6

(3) Total Sorties Hours: 1533

(4) Number of Passengers: 1750

(5) Weight of Cargo: 4,800 lbs.

(6) Number of Aircraft hit by Enemy Fire: 1

(7) Number of Aircraft lost to Enemy Fire: 0

(8) Number of Aircraft turned-in due to Enemy Fire: 0

(9) Casualties:

(a) WIA: 1 (b) KIA: 0 (c) MIA: 0

(10) Total Support:

(a) Recon Teams: 9

(b) RR Teams: 9

(c) Ranger Companies: 3

(d) BDA Plt: 1

(e) Medevacs: 14

(11) Ammunition Expenditures:

(a) 40mm: 2,568

(b) 2.75mm Rockets: 1,306

(c) 7.62mm: 301,500

b. Additional helicopter support was provided by the 101st Airborne Division (AMBL) in

the following areas:

(1) Transport Ships UH1H were provided for the insertions of the Ranger Companies.

(2) Helicopter gunship support was provided for insertions of BDA Platoon, the three

Ranger Companies and our committed elements.

(3) A Pink Team was provided by 2/17th CAV to our S-2 section for development of

intelligence. During the use of a Pink Team enough intelligence was developed on 23

October 1969 (See paragraph 6 Sequence of Events).