Gary at Fort Benning

SFC Gary Stagman
Gary Stagman: Then, Crew chief with the Wolf Pack, Bandits, Rat Pack and Maintenance
Sergeant. Gary holds the record for service with  281st AHC.  He joined  the 281st AVN.
Co. (Airmobile Light) when it was organized at Ft. Benning, GA, in October of 1965.  In
January 1966 Gary traveled to Vietnam with the aircraft of the 281st AHC, aboard the 
USNS Breton and was aboard the first aircraft off the ship in Vung Tau, tail # 724. 
Gary returned to the states for a  short stay then returned to the 281st and remained
with it until it  was deactivated in 1970.  Now:   Gary is a retired SFC E-7 and is
the 281st AHC Association's full time Membership Chairman.  He is one of the
first members of the Association and has served continually as a distinguished
member of it's Executive Board.