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New Driver's License
Jack Interstein
Operations 69-70

In the latter part of 1969, a 19 year old JINT was driving Lt Holt in a jeep, somewhere just off base Nha Trang. Sp Bumbalough had just taught me how to drive a manual transmission, at the express order of Maj Little. Lt Holt did not know this. Somewhere on that short excursion, I accidentally downshifted for the first time in my life and almost sent Lt Holt thru the front windshield. I wasn't even aware of what I had done wrong and thought something was wrong with the vehicle. He remained calm....said very little and we returned to base uneventfully. What he was actually thinking at the moment...thanks to time and hopefully total loss of memory of that seemingly insignificant incident...we will never know. I personally, think of it often, as I downshift.

Response from Pappy Holt then Capt. Holt, Wolf Pack 36:

"Thanks for the memories Jack, I had forgotten that incident as I have many many others. It is good, however, that you remember. That should make you somewhere between 53 and 54 years old now. Hope to see you in Vegas."


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