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A visit with Don Jutz aka Zorro ...

Don had a very close call. He had a stroke on a Saturday; his monthly housekeeper found him on Monday. He underwent a few weeks of therapy at a rehab center near his home in Panama City, Florida.

Don, staff member, Rachel Hood, sister-in-law, brother Bob

Don and Brent Gourley.

In early 2016, we learned that our Zorro, aka Don Jutz, had had a stroke and was recovering in a rehab facility in Panama City, Florida. That being only 85 miles by road from Dothan, I set out on a Saturday to visit. Upon arrival, I found Zorro in a most comfortable facility. His brother and wife introduced themselves and Rachel, another friend. After about a minute, Rachel and I recognized each other; she had been the court reporter in a Dale County judge's court room where I frequently practiced law. We had to have a brief union! She was the widow of an Army Aviator who had been Zorro's best friend and roommate long ago. Zorro, friends, and the staff brought me up to date on Zorro's situation. He had had a very close call. If not for the monthly house keeper keeping her schedule, he would not be still with us.

Don relocated after this visit to his brother's home in Wisconsin; but shortly thereafter to a facility as his needs increased. We wish him well.

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