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2019 Reunion - San Antonio

Brian Paine was flight lead for this mission to San Antonio.
We stayed at the Menger Hotel, across the street from The Alamo and two blocks from the famous River Walk.
The December, 2018 newsletter posted complete details.

We filled the Menger's ballroom twice for our remarkable memorial ceremony and closing dinner.

Our heartfelt thanks to Brian and Marilyn Paine for producing the event, the MC Scott Arthur, the Mayor,
and Brian's production crew.

Contact Jay Hays (PX) if you need a copy of Brian Paine's memorial book with CD of the roll call slide show,
he has a few remaining.

Click here for the many photos at the bottom of the page.

If you have not responded to president's reunion letter and questionnaire, you may click here for a pdf of both.

program memorial service
program memorial service

Jint and the family of Al Alvarado
Jint and the Alvarodos
I had a very memorable reunion, thx to BP and Marilyn in SA. It was my honor to invite the family of my Vietnam roommate, Albert Alvarado to the event. Al passed away 4 years ago. He and wife Linda lived in San Antonio not too far from our hotel. Daughter Tabitha, son Zach (area policeman) and various grandchildren and DIL also attended one or both of our dinners and ceremonies.
I spoke with Al only one time after Vietnam, hoping to see him at our Houston reunion in early 2000's. Expected to see Al but he didn't show...last minute change of heart(?) for unknown reasons according to Linda.
This time, when SA was confirmed as our 2019 Intruder destination, I immediately contacted Linda so she had plenty of time to inform family of the impending get together. NO excuses!
I hv always felt Al was like an older brother to me, a 19 year old private “newbie” in Nha Trang and Intruder Ops. Along with other roommate, Al Kruck(POL and Major Littles driver), we spent our time together in Vietnam in friendship. I hope in someway I hv repaid a past due debt to “Big Al, the kiddies pal”. -- Jack Interstein

Lindsay Brown, most excellent photographer, has graciously granted access to her website photo pages.
Click here for Lindsay's photo pages.

Click here for Keith Dirago's photo collection. Thanks, Keith, and thanks to Brian for inviting you.

A new tradition - Waltzing across Texas?Jerry and Marilyn.

Jerry Stanfield's slideshow

The webmasters collection of mostly the Hotel, the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

Menger Hotel Video

Aerial photo of target area.

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