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2018 Reunion After Action Report

Hats off to Lou Lerda for flawless execution of his OPLAN for the 2018 mini-reunion. With just 26 hours of official reunion from Thursday evening to Friday evening, we had opportunities for local area activities thru Wednesday and on Saturday. On Thursday, we had the run of the Gettysburg National Military Park museum and viewed the Cyclorama presentation. (Your webmaster got lost in the museum; as usual.) On Friday, we held the board meeting followed by the general membership meeting and advanced new officers. The ladies conducted their program during our official business, "All Things Victorian, 1863". Friday afternoon, we accomplished a nationwide first by conducting our memorial service at the rostrum in the National Soldiers' Cemetery where President Lincoln presented his Gettysburg Address. The evening entertainment included a catered BBQ (read feast) and a serenade by the group Jerry Rigged. Saturday had a guided tour of the National Military Park.

Waltzing with our own Beetle on vocals Dueling with the group "Jerry Rigged"

Webmaster's PhotosDave Hartong's photos

Image 52 in the webmaster's collection shows
an Army War College class from Carlisle Barracks.

Exec Board
Executive Board meeting.

Annual meeting
Annual Meeting on Friday morning.

Ladies Victorian
Instructions on Victorian life.

Ladies Victorian
The Unmentionables.

Ladies Victorian
The language of the accessories.

lincoln sign
At the cemetery entrance.

The Rostrum
Preparations at the Rostrum. Lincoln spoke across the lawn to the left.

The Flag
The Flag.

The Bell
The Bell tolls in memory.

The group at the Gettysburg Address Memorial near the rostrum.

President Lincoln at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum

Cannon near the musuem entrance. Field Artillery - biggest killer on the battlefield.

museum music
One of two displays of period military musical instruments.

The Seminary cupola served as command post overlooking the entire battlefield.

Mississippi. Sometimes, one on one.

Saturday guided tour.

museum music
Deep in the woods at Little Round Top. The cliffs are behind the camera.
The president of Bowdoin College, soon to be the governor of Maine, commanded the 20th.
The attacking commander of the 15th Alabama has a street in Dothan named for him.
The park contains more than 1300 memorials to units, veterans, and casualties.

museum music
The world famous Cyclorama, depicting the battle field from edge to edge.
The painting begins just this side of the broken tree.

museum music
Row upon row; with Vietnam veterans in the new section beyond the far walkway.

museum music
The Soldier's National Monument stands near the spot where Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.

museum music
The opening lines of "Bivouac of the Dead", a poem written by Theodore O'Hara
to honor his fellow soldiers from Kentucky who died in the Mexican-American War.


Click here for the 2018 Registration Form

I finally have the majority of the 2018 Mini Reunion at Gettysburg finalized.

The following are schedules activities that are programmed for the 26 hours from 6:00 pm, Thursday, 13 September 2018, through 8:00pm, Friday, 14 September 2018:

The rest of the time is open for you to discover the Gettysburg Area. As a suggestion look at the following options:

  1. I can arrange for three special Battlefield tours with a qualified tour guide in air-conditioned busses for $22.00 per person if 40 of you are willing to go at the same time. Individual tours will cost you $32.00. There are three two hour tours available, each covers a day's battle. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP.
  2. I can arrange tours of the special museum at the Gettysburg Seminary that is dedicated to the civilian problems and also allows you to go to the copula where General Buford monitored the initial Confederate advance into Gettysburg.
  3. There are tours available at the Eisenhower Farm.
  4. For those interested, we can schedule a trip to The Army Historical Center in Carlisle to for those of you who don't wish to immerse yourselves in the G-burg thing.
  5. Saturday there will be a World War II reenactment of the capture and repatriation of a town in the Netherlands. This takes place about 10 miles away and starts at 8:00am and is about three hours in duration.
  6. Public transportation is available and very reasonable. (will come to the motel)
  7. Multiple shops and restaurants are within easy distance of the Motel and the Tourist bureau will provide coupons for discounts.
  8. I will have additional information available within the next two weeks for local attractions.

Please advise us as to where you will be arriving (if you fly or come by train) in order to determine transportation options.
If you are traveling by RV, please advise and we will provide local input as to location.

More data to follow, this will get your planning started. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FOR THE MUSEUM, they are included in your fee and you will have a private showing Thursday evening.

Lou Lerda
Boots on The Ground


gettysburg gate The 281st Assault Helicopter Company Association announces its 2018 Mini-Reunion will be in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania from September 11 to September 16, 2018:

You said keep it simple and this is about as simple as it gets. We are booked for September 11th through the 16th of September 2018 for our mini reunion in Gettysburg, PA at the Comfort Inn & Suites. As long as we fill a minimum of 21 rooms, the PX and hospitality suite are ours free. Each room is allowed four free breakfasts per day and public transportation will be free if we go to one of the designated destinations that will be outlined for us, otherwise it will cost One USD for the trip. I am working with the park service for our memorial service and other caterers for our pig roast.

I will post more as details become available. The hospitality room can function as we always have with wine, beer and liquor, also the sandwich fixins because the hotel has no bar or restaurant. We will not be in violation of any LCB rules or hotel restrictions. Cost for the rooms will be $131.47 per night, including all taxes and fees. THIS IS THE BEST AVAILABLE PRICE for the time period.

I am working with RV parking areas for those of you who wish to use your own lodging and I am reviewing all available activities for the lady's brunch. Do not judge the facility by the number of stars. They are rated low because of no bar or restaurant facilities. They have hosted 16 military reunions in the past 3 years and NO complaints or negative comments. It is in a good location and there are no parking fees. Note the dates and look for more information to follow as I am setting a deadline of 1 March for everything to be in place for you.

gettysburg gate The phone number for the Comfort Inn is

(717) 334-6715
and our group is the
"281st Assault Helicopter Company (11 to 16 September 2018)"

Lou Lerda
Executive Board, Senior Member at Large
Reunion Committee Boots on the Ground

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